BETUDOPE MASTER is a mixture of chemical components, diluted in hydrocarbons. It is a thermally stable chemical additive that acts on the asphalt / aggregate interface, considerably increasing the bonding power between both. It is used as an adhesion-enhancing additive in hot applied asphalt. It is introduced in a determined amount in the asphalt binder to be used.

BETUDOPE MASTER must be added during the unloading of the asphalt binder in the deposit tank, requiring circulation of the product in the tank through a pump or agitation, for a minimum period of 45 minutes, in order to obtain the necessary homogenization. In general, it is recommended to use 0.1%, that is, 1 (one) kilo of BETUDOPE MASTER per ton of asphalt binder. However, in order to obtain the real rates, the standardized adhesion tests (DNIT OR ABNT / IBP) must be previously performed.