1. Product and Project Laboratories:

In our Product and Project Laboratories, we carry out studies with conventional and high-performance asphalt products, which give greater performance to asphalt mixtures. Our laboratories have modern equipment, offering development of rheological studies of asphalt binders, preparation of dosage with a focus on the interaction between materials and the mechanical behavior of asphalt mixtures. Product and project labs bring engineering solutions to our customers.

Project solutions laboratory:

Product solutions laboratory:

2. Product Solutions:

The product solutions laboratory has advanced equipment for research and development of new products. The product solutions laboratory evaluates the characteristics of asphalt binders and derivatives:

– Empirical data that meet national specifications (ANP – Agência Nacional de Petróleo) and international (ASTM, AASHTO, DIN, IRAM, etc.);

– Rheological (Performance Grade), with the use of rheometers and devices that simulate the aging of the binder, allowing a more comprehensive comparison between asphalt products at different temperatures, making it possible to analyze the viscoelastic properties of asphalt materials recommended by the Superpave® methodology;

– Chemicals by testing the chemical composition of asphalt (SARA).

In addition, the product solutions laboratory assesses the quality of applied products and offers customer support for problem solving and technical training.

Superpave® Specifications (Superior Performing Asphalt Pavements):

A – Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR)

B – Beam creep rheometer (BBR-Benging Beam Rheometer)

C – Pressure aging vessel (PAV-Pressure Aging Vessel)

D – Direct tension test (DTT-Direct Tension Test)

ANP (Agência Nacional de Petróleo) specifications for asphalt binders:

A – Penetration

B – Softening Point

C – Rotary thin film oven

(RTFOT-Rolling Thin Film Oven Test)

D– Brookfield Viscosity

E – Elastic recovery or elastic return using the dutilometer

ANP (Agência Nacional de Petróleo) specifications for asphalt emulsions:

A – Particle size analyzer

3. Project Solutions:

The project solutions laboratory performs a rigorous dosage preparation, analyzing the volumetric parameters, the behavior of the mixtures in permanent deformation, stiffness and fatigue. These evaluation parameters and equipment used in our laboratory follow national and international standards. Asphalt mixtures go through refined performance evaluation processes using advanced technologies. Of these, we highlight:

  • Selection methods of particle size curves (Bailey and Range of Dominant Aggregates – FAD);
  • Use of automated mixers that best simulate processes of true magnitude;
  • The evaluation of mixtures using the Rotary Compactor;
  • Dynamic tests on servo-controlled hydraulic presses: Flow Number, Dynamic Module, Resilience Module and typical fatigue tests;
  • Tests in a Wheel-track simulator;
  • Tests to assess the susceptibility of mixtures to moisture damage.

Tests of mechanical performance of asphalt mixtures:

A – BBMAX 25 mechanical mixer

B – Gyratory Compactor (SGC-Superpave Gyratory Compactor):

C – Dynamic Tests – UTM Press

D – Dynamic Tests – MTS Press

E – Traffic simulator (APA – Asphalt Pavement Analyzer)

F – Dynamic tests – Instron Press

G – Induced moisture damage tests