The Asphalt Petroleum Cement or CAP is obtained and produced in Petroleum refining systems, especially to present quality and consistency suitable for use in the construction and maintenance of asphalt pavements, since in addition to its binding and waterproofing properties, it has characteristics of flexibility, durability and high resistance to the action of most acids, salts and alkalis.

The CAP is used in hot services, such as: asphalt concrete, pre-mixed, sand-asphalt and surface treatment. The CAP must not be heated above 177 ° C, under the risk of oxidation and thermal cracking of the binder. The heating must be carried out until the appropriate consistency is obtained for its application, with the ideal temperature of use obtained by the viscosity / temperature ratio. It should not be applied on rainy days, on wet surfaces and at ambient temperatures below 10 ° C.

The CAP can be classified in the following “grids”, 30/45, 50/70, 85/100, 120/150 and 150/200.