CAPFLEX A 110/40 and BETUFLEX A is a product of great flexibility and resistance to aging under bad weather, characterized by having high elasticity. Its excellent adhesive capacity and high resistance to thermal variations, makes it especially suitable for sealing joints and cracks in pavements, in addition to sealing applications of interfaces in general, protecting them from water infiltration during expansion and contraction cycles surfaces.

BETUFLEX A is a product supplied in solid form and easily applicable by hot dissolution and also by melting. Its formulation meets the requirements of the ASTM D-1190 standard. It is recommended for transverse and longitudinal joints subjected to severe expansions and contractions, such as: joints of concrete pavements, in airports, highways, bridges, sanitation works and other structures. It is also indicated for the sealing of cracks of thermal origin, base retraction or fatigue in asphalt and Portland cement concrete floors.

BETUFLEX A is also used as a sealing and sealing material in electrical applications. It should not be applied on damp substrates and ambient temperatures below 10 ° C. BETUFLEX A can be damaged by heating to high temperatures, repeated reheating or prolonged heating. The material must be heated until the appropriate consistency is obtained for its application, taking care not to exceed the maximum temperature of 190 ° C.

This heating must be indirect in tanks provided with a thermal oil jacket, temperature control, mechanical agitation and pump for product circulation. Alternatively, in works of lesser responsibility, the product can be heated indirectly through a sand mattress or thermal oil bath with temperature control and manual agitation in order to maintain uniform heat transfer. Precautions when using elastomeric sealants must be observed in accordance with the ASTM D-3405 and ASTM D-3406 to guarantee the success of the application of the product.