EMULEX RR1C-E and RR2C-E are special cationic asphalt emulsions, modified with polymers, which present an excellent behavior and durability in face of the effects of the weather and the demands of heavy traffic. Its formulation features elastomers that provide high internal cohesion power, high adhesion, flexibility, resistance to aging and exudation in the face of large temperature variations.

EMULEX RR is used in surface treatments by penetration, in its various modalities, including bonding paint, sealant layer and anti-dust treatment. EMULEX must be used in accordance with the rules for the execution of services. In connection painting services, it is recommended to apply the emulsion at the rate of 0.7l / m², with dilution in water.

In case of long-term storage, recirculation is recommended once every two weeks. Avoid successive recirculation and pumping so as not to decrease viscosity and rupture by included air.