BETUMIX 610 is an emulsified bituminous waterproofing, additive, forming a homogeneous brown liquid. BETUMIX 610 has an ideal viscosity for cold application, presenting high adhesive power and water resistance, sealing the substrates without risk of reemulsification of the product over time.

BETUMIX 610 is used in waterproofing services like primary bituminous paint. Paving is used in the formulation of asphalt mastics and in cold mixtures with aggregates. The application of BETUMIX 610 does not require a special tool and can be applied over large areas by simply spreading it with a rubber squeegee, brush or trowel over a properly swept and clean surface.

When applied in successive layers, observe that the drying of the lower layer should not come off when touched by a wet finger. The average consumption is 1.0 kg / m².mm.