BETUMIX B-620 is a bituminous emulsion with mineral fillers and additives, forming a homogeneous thixotropic mass. BETUMIX B-620 has high adhesive power and water resistance, waterproofing the substrates without risk of reemulsification of the product over time.

BETUMIX B-620 is particularly recommended for bonding industrial floors, thermo-acoustic materials and for molding elastomeric asphalt membranes, applied on site. It can also be used interspersed with reinforcement reinforcement, such as: fiberglass or polyester veil, improving the tensile and shear resistance in the waterproofing of civil constructions.

BETUMIX B-620 is preferably applied with a brush, spatula or rubber squeegee, observing the drying of the layer that should not come off at the touch of a wet finger. Before using the product, it is recommended to homogenize the contents of the package and to pre-clean the surface to be treated. The average consumption is 1.0 kg./m².mm.