EMULEX RC1C-E is a special cationic asphalt emulsion, of controlled rupture, modified with polymers, which presents an excellent behavior and durability in face of the effects of the weather and the demands of heavy traffic. Its formulation features elastomers that provide high internal cohesion power, high adhesion, flexibility, resistance to aging and exudation in the face of large temperature variations.

EMULEX RC1C-E is a product made to measure for the work in which it is used, since its chemical composition is formulated according to the specific characteristics of the specific work, taking into account the reactivity of the mineral aggregate used and the ambient temperature of the work place. application.

EMULEX RC1C-E is used in bituminous cold surface treatments, machined on site (MICROFLEX System – Asphalt coating). EMULEX RC1C-E should be used, when necessary (changes in the ambient temperature of the application site or changes in the reactivity of the aggregate material used in the work), together with the chemical additive for rupture, through an accurate dosing and distribution system of the mixture in the plant continuous flow mobile, in order to guarantee uniform application, speed in execution and release to traffic.

In case of long-term storage, it is recommended to recirculate the product once a week. Avoid successive recirculation and pumping so as not to decrease viscosity and rupture by included air.