Medium Rupture Cationic Asphalt Emulsion – RM are systems constituted by the dispersion of an asphalt phase in an aqueous phase, presenting positively charged particles. They are normally used in the following types of service: cold pre-mixed, bonding paint, cold asphalt sand, stabilization of soil on the road and plugging holes.

They are normally used at room temperature and can vary between 25°C and 70ºC; however, the ideal application temperature should always be observed depending on its viscosity. They should never be heated above 70ºC.

In case of storage for long periods, it is recommended to recirculate the product once every two weeks. Avoid successive recirculation and pumping so as not to decrease viscosity and rupture by included air. In the dilution operation, add water to the emulsion and never the reverse.

Do not store diluted emulsions. The loads of the transport trolleys must be complete in order to prevent agitation from altering the characteristics of the emulsion.