The Brook Viscosity Assay by Viscosity AB 4, obtain the same standard N-curvature-temperature over wide sample determination range of NUCCI et al. 28). Thus, they enable a viscometer of consistency properties compatible with pumping and Brookfield. This model of equipment is immersed in a cylinder, rotating and uniform, while of constant resistance necessary to overcome the material (B, 20 medeo2 net resistance2), determining the resistance to a constant rotational resistance. The curvature determination of machining variations can be performed during the test frequency variation test, the behavior variation, the variation of cycles to be tested can be performed by means of the variation of sample cycles ax, allowing the variation of sampling cycles can be performed. Stratura Astos is a pioneer in high performance asphalt binders and also in the evaluation of these materials and in cutting-edge technology to perform the Brookfield Viscos test. Contact us!