Polymer-modified asphalt is a differentiated asphalt, produced from the addition to conventional asphalt (CAP 30/45 and CAP 50/70) of synthetic elastomeric polymers, which have viscous and elastic characteristics, resulting in asphalt coatings with superior performance too much.

With the inclusion of polymers, a significant improvement in asphalt properties is obtained, providing greater strength and quality and minimizing common and frequent pavement failures, such as permanent deformation and fatigue cracking, thus providing a longer useful life for asphalt coatings.

Stratura has in its portfolio several versions of this product, such as CAPFLEX 55/75-E, CAPFLEX 60/85-E, CAPFLEX 65/90-E (modified with SBS polymers) and CAPFLEX 55/75-E EV, CAPFLEX 60/85-E EV and CAPFLEX 65/90-E EV (modified with RET polymer), in addition to the warm versions, all duly manufactured according to ANP specifications, according to the required classification in terms of softening points (PA) and elastic return (RE).

In order to meet the demands imposed on the pavements of national highways, our Solutions Laboratory is fully qualified to evaluate the ideal formulation for each client, always seeking the best cost benefit through innovative and rigorous studies of dosage and new polymers.

Stratura Asfaltos is a pioneer in high-performance asphalt mixture technology and also in the structural and functional evaluation of pavements.