Connected with issues related to the Environment, Society and Governance (ESG – Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance), which are increasingly present on the global agenda, Stratura Asfaltos, in partnership with Dow Chemical and Eixo Concessionária, developed a sustainable asphalt binder , modified with post-consumer recycled plastic, which will be applied between kms 170 and 171 of Rodovia Washington Luís (SP 310), in the region of Rio Claro, in July 2022.

Stratura has an advanced infrastructure in its product and project laboratories for the evaluation and performance of the most diverse characterization tests (such as MSCR and LAS) and performance of asphalt materials (such as Flow Number, Resilience Module), enabling the efficient development of plus this sustainable product, suitable for local climatic and environmental conditions, in strict compliance with local regulations.

The production featured three formulations, using different types of post-consumer recycled polymers:  PIR (Post industrial recycled) recycled polymer, rich in low-density polyethylene; PCR (Post consumption recycled), rich in low-density polyethylene and PCR-I (Post consumption-industrial recycled), rich in linear low-density polyethylene.

Produced at the pilot plant in Paulínia/SP, the asphalt mixtures were evaluated through high-performance laboratory and mechanical tests, attesting that the new Asphalt with Recycled Plastic is a highly viable alternative for application on high-performance highways, adding value to the recycling chain, for the benefit of the environment and society.