Asphalt mixtures are essential for the composition of the layers of asphalt road coverings. When designing them, the particle sizes that provide the best (adequate) interlocking to resist permanent deformation are taken into account. Bailey and Dominant Aggregate Fractions (FAD) methodologies are important tools that help to achieve these goals. FAD is based on porosity and is applied even in the design phase, evaluating the structure formed by coarse aggregates larger than in sieve nº16 (1.18mm), focusing on particle size distribution. The Bailey methodology helps in the strong construction of the mineral skeleton for the mixture (interlocking), establishing the best relationship between the voids in the mineral aggregate with the voids in the mixture. Stratura Asfaltos has the Project Solutions Laboratory that enables the customer to make the appropriate choices of asphalt mixtures and consequently, resulting in greater durability of its useful life.