The BBMAX 25 MLPC Equipment is a French-made mixer that allows the preparation of up to 25 kg of asphalt mix on a laboratory scale for later use in rotary compaction tests, fatigue tests, resilient module, among others. A homogeneous mixture is achieved with the use of BBMAX because it uses a tool that works epicyclically. The door serves as an insulator to the external environment and, after introducing the fine materials and binder, with the movement of the tool, the mixture is carried out in a range of rotations that can vary from 90 to 180 RPM.

Stratura is a pioneer in asphalt materials technology and has the BBMAX 25 MLPC Mixer, a tool with the purpose of preparing asphalt mass in large volumes, enabling the road engineer to anticipate the behavior of the pavement in relation to:

– Resistance to Permanent Deformation (FN);

– the Resilience Module (MR);

– Resistance to Fatigue Cracking.

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