The Bending Beam Rheometer – BBR (or Beam Fluency Rheometer) is an instrument used to evaluate the flexural stiffness properties of asphalt binders at low temperatures (-36°C < T < 0°C), by determining the static stiffness properties (S), which corresponds to the relationship between bending stress and bending strain under constant load; and the relaxation modulus (m), which corresponds to the logarithm of the stiffness modulus against the logarithm of time at a given moment. These properties are determined from the response to static loading (creep) on a beam of binder.

Stratura is a pioneer in high-performance asphalt materials technology, which has the Bending Beam Rheometer – BBR Equipment, an important tool that allows engineers and consultants to anticipate decision-making in relation to design and construction methods, such as:

– Evaluate the best binder that suits the project’s climate and location;

– Develop asphalt mixtures with asphalt binders with low static stiffness, as they will be less likely to crack in cold weather;

– Develop asphalt binders with high values ​​of relaxation modulus, as they will be more efficient to dissipate stresses formed during its contraction.

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