The Brookfield Viscometer Equipment is an instrument used to evaluate Newtonian products (viscosity does not change as a function of the shear rate) and also Non-Newtonian (viscosity changes as a function of the shear rate). It is used in the evaluation of consistency properties related to pumping and storage of asphalts, obtaining a viscosity-temperature curve in a wide range of determination, using a sample in which a Spindle (coxial cylinder) that measures the fluid’s behavior is immersed. at different shear rates and at different shear stresses (ABNT NBR 15184; ASTM D 4402).

Stratura is a pioneer in high-performance asphalt materials technology, which has Brookfield Viscometer Equipment, an important tool that enables engineers and consultants to anticipate decision-making in relation to design and construction methods, such as:

– Evaluate the best temperature for an asphalt mass in the machining and compaction process through the temperature-viscosity graph;

– Evaluate the behavior of asphalt binders against shear rates.

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