The CBR / Proctor Socket is an automatic equipment that uses the Proctor and CBR molds and performs compaction of soils contained in the specimens with a diameter of 6″ through the sockets of 5 and 10 pounds. The 5-pound socket has a circular face and a drop height of 12” and the 10-pound socket has a “Pizza Piece” face and a drop height of 18”. The CBR / Proctor Socket Equipment has 2 separate controls, one used to adjust the number of strokes with a digital display, and the other used to control the mold rotation speed. The equipment complies with NBR 12102, 9895, 7182 standards; DNER-ME 162, 129 and 049. The equipment allows the test to be repeated for different moisture contents, determining the apparent specific weight for each of them. Through the values ​​obtained, the curve γ d x moisture content is drawn, obtaining the point corresponding to the optimum moisture (hot) and the dry apparent specific weight (γ d, max.).

Stratura is a pioneer in high-performance asphalt materials technology, also applied to soil and gravel materials, which has the CBR / Proctor Socket Equipment, an important tool that enables engineers and consultants to anticipate decision-making in relation to design and construction methods, such as:

– the efficiency of asphalt primer emulsions applied after the compaction of soil or other materials;

– the approval and validation of stabilizing soil additives;

– the inclusion of asphalt emulsion in recycled pavement materials.

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