The Cleveland Open Cup Equipment is used to assess the Flash Point of conventional asphalts and polymer modified asphalts. The Flash Point or Flash Point corresponds to the lowest temperature of the material that releases enough vapors so that, in contact with the oxygen in the atmospheric air, it obtains a mixture that, when exposed to an ignition source, ignites, even without the support of a fire . The Flash Point measures volatility, the tendency of the product to evaporate, the lower the Flash Point, the greater the formation of vapors and the greater the risk of fire and explosion in the system. Thus, the Flash Point is important because it is a test directly linked to the safety of handling the asphalt binder during transport, storage and machining.

Stratura Asfaltos is a pioneer in high-performance binder and asphalt mixture technology, and has the Cleveland Open Vessel Equipment as an important tool used by our engineers and consultants to determine which binder characteristic to use in the various types of asphalt mixtures available. in the STRATURA Asphalts supply catalog.

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