The maximum measured specific mass (Gmm) test, known as the Rice method, is established by the ratio between the mass of the aggregate plus asphalt binder and the sum of the aggregate volumes, impermeable voids, permeable voids not filled with asphalt and total asphalt. In addition to providing target values for the compaction of asphalt mixtures through the rotary compactor, it is of great importance in the determination of parameters (DNIT 427/2020-ME) such as:

– calculation of the absorption of binder by the aggregates;
– the percentage of void volume of compacted asphalt mixtures;
– the effective specific mass of the aggregate;
– the effective asphalt content of the asphalt mixture.

Stratura Asfaltos is a pioneer company in high-performance asphalt mixture technology and also in the structural and functional assessment of pavements, and has in its laboratories the equipment used to carry out the Rice Methodology.