Ductylometer equipment is used to determine the tensile properties of specimens of asphalt binders prepared and tensioned under standardized conditions, that is, it is the measure of the degree of plastic deformation that the material withstands until its fracture or rupture occurs. During the test, the asphalt binder is placed in special molds and immersed in water inside the bath at 25°C, followed by stretching at a speed of 5cm/min. in the form of a filament and indirectly measuring the cohesion (ABNT NBR 6293/2001).

In addition to the Ductylometer equipment that STRATURA Asphalts has, it is possible to determine the Ductility Force that corresponds to the Force applied to the asphalt binder subject to extension, which is based on the theory that an asphalt must be able to relax under the applied loads, but possess enough tenacity to maintain an adequate matrix. The greater the stress level in the thin asphalt film between the aggregate, the greater the shift to fracture (EN 13589 and EN 13703).

Finally, through the Ductylometer equipment, it is possible to perform the elastic recovery test of polymer-modified asphalt binders. The test consists of placing the asphalt binder in a specified mold inside a bath at a temperature of 25°C with a stretching speed of 5 cm/min. Per 20 cm of stretch. The test is interrupted and the binder wire is “cut” at its midpoint and after 1 hour, the return of the asphalt binder parts is measured in relation to the original size, joining the parts (ASTM D 6084 and ABNT NBR 14756).

Stratura Asfaltos is a pioneer in high-performance asphalt mixing technology, and has Ductylometer Equipment as an important tool used by our engineers and consultants to determine which binder characteristic to use in the various types of asphalt mixtures available in the supply catalog of the STRATURA Asphalts.

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