The Dynamic Shear Rheometer – DSR (or Dynamic Shear Rheometer) is an instrument used to evaluate the viscoelastic properties of conventional and polymer-modified binders. Through this equipment it is possible to determine the complex shear modulus (G*) and the phase angle (δ), by applying oscillatory shear stresses between two parallel circular plates containing the asphalt binder. The angle (δ) evaluates the ratio between the elastic (0°) and the viscous (90°) response during the shearing process. High temperature stiffness is determined by dividing the complex modulus (G*) by the sine of the phase angle (δ). For original binders the G * / sine δ must be greater than 1.00 kPa and greater than 2.20 kPa (after aging in the rolling thin film furnace test -RTFOT). Binders with values ​​below 1.0 kPa are considered too soft to resist permanent deformation. For binders that effectively resist fatigue cracking, a maximum limit of 5000 kPa for G* sine δ is established.

Stratura is a pioneer in high-performance asphalt materials technology, which has the Dynamic Shear Rheometer – DSR Equipment, an important tool that enables engineers and consultants to anticipate decision-making regarding design and construction methods, such as:

– Evaluate the best binder that suits the project’s climate and location;

– Develop asphalt mixtures with asphalt binders that resist permanent deformation at high temperatures, after evaluating the original and aging properties of the asphalt binder in the short term;

– Develop asphalt binders with fatigue crack resistance at intermediate service temperatures, after long-term aging.

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