The characterization of the structure of a pavement is the result of the analysis of the materials involved in its composition, evaluation of the thickness of each layer and verification of its integrity conditions within the project’s lifetime. With the use of the Falling Weight Deflectometer – FWD equipment to evaluate the structural parameters of pavements, we have shown its advantages in terms of speed in deflectometric readings and in obtaining data in an automated way. Basically, the FWD equipment lifts a set of mass at a certain height that, when released, reaches a circular plate with a diameter of 15cm provided with a thin rubber blanket positioned on the pavement. A load cell coupled to the FWD equipment measures the collision force applied to the pavement below the plate, and at the same time, the deflections from the load impulse are recorded and converted by deflection sensors located at different distances from the center of the impact plate . The National Dimensioning Method “MeDiNa” already recommends pavement deflection tests, from the design phase to the monitoring of highway integrity. The Falling Weight Deflectometer – FWD test is part of the portfolio of technical services performed by STRATURA Asfaltos.

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