The Horiba LA-300 Equipment is an equipment used to measure the particle size of numerous materials, such as asphalt emulsions. The working principle is based on laser mirroring measurement, which calculates the particle size distribution from the scattered light intensity distribution that was created after the laser radiated onto the particles. Thus, the Horiba LA-300 equipment is an indispensable tool to quantitatively and qualitatively assess the efficiency of the colloidal mill used in the production of conventional and polymer-modified asphalt emulsions, and consequently the quality of the emulsion through the test of particle size distribution. mills are experiencing a decline in quality, that is, a gradual increase in particle size distribution.

Stratura is a pioneer in asphalt materials technology and has the Horiba LA-300 Particle Size Measuring Equipment, a tool with the purpose of Development and Quality Control of asphalt emulsions, making it possible to anticipate and know:

– the efficiency of production mills;

– the evaluation of new emulsifiers from a quantitative and qualitative point of view;

– the optimization of formulations that are being manufactured;

– why an emulsion shows sedimentation or flotation;

– the cohesion of microcoating emulsions;

– adhesion of emulsions used for bonding paint.

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