The fine aggregate angularity test establishes parameters related to slip resistance and ensures maximum internal friction between the grain particles.

According to the standard recommended by DNIT415/2019, it is possible to determine the void content of the sample in the loose condition, by three procedures (A, B and C). The test is very simple, with the sample already classified by one of the three procedures, the mass of the fine aggregates that fills the entire volume of the cylinder is obtained using the apparent specific mass of the aggregate, then the calculation is carried out and the voids not sample compacts.

The criterion for defining the angularity of the fine aggregate is related to traffic and the position in which the asphalt mixture will be used on the pavement. Stratura Asfaltos is a pioneer in the technology of high performance asphalt mixtures, and provides the equipment that performs the KIDS ANGULARITY test as required by road specifications.