“The Methylene blue adsorption test is essential in defining the formulations of asphalt emulsions in the Cold Asphalt Micro Coating system, in addition to being a quality criterion. This test consists of titration with a standardized methylene blue solution in 1.0g of material (passing through a 0.074mm sieve), in a Becker beaker with the aid of a magnetic stirrer.

When 1.0ml of methylene blue solution is added, and after 1 minute of stirring, a drop is removed and dripped onto a standardized filter paper, the final result will be with the saturation of the material and the formation of a blue crown around the droplet on the filter paper”. Stratura Asfaltos is a pioneer in high-performance asphalt mixture technology, and provides the equipment that performs the METHYLENE BLUE test as required by road specifications.