The Particle Load Determination test is the method used to determine the particle load of asphalt emulsions (positive or negative). This test consists of introducing two electrodes connected to a direct current source (cathode and anode) inside the asphalt emulsion, in order to verify which of the two electrodes, the particles will be attracted.

For a cationic asphalt emulsion, its particles deposited on the surface of the negative electrode or cathode, as well as for an anionic asphalt emulsion, the particles deposited on the positive electrode or anode. Stratura Asfaltos is a pioneer in the technology of high performance asphalt binders and emulsions, cationic and anionic, and offers the Particle Load Meter equipment, a tool that allows engineers and consultants to know the emulsion that will be used in asphalt mixtures. Make your inquiry to our product portfolio and technical service group!