A Penetrometer is an instrument used to assess the consistency of asphalt binders through a needle of standardized dimensions with a determined weight (100 g), which penetrates for 5 seconds at a temperature of 25°C into a sample contained in a container of a determined volume.

In the tests, 3 individual measurements are carried out, where the averages are noted, if they do not exceed the limits specified in the standard. In general, it is understood that the less penetration of the needle into the product, the more consistent the asphalt binder is.

Currently, the classification of petroleum asphalt cements is based on the degree of penetration.

Stratura Asfaltos is a pioneer in the technology of high-performance asphalt materials and has the Penetrometer Equipment, as an important tool for the characterization of the binder to be used in a given asphalt mixture.

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