CAPFLEX 55/75-E and BETUFLEX 55/75-E are asphalt cements modified with elastomeric polymers such as SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) or RET (Reactive Elastomeric Polymer) and other additives. CAPFLEX 55/75-E is the brand of the product sold in Brazil and BETUFLEX 55/75-E is the brand of the product sold abroad. Its main characteristic is to present elasticity due to the incorporation of polymers to the asphalt, increasing the performance in relation to the reduced thermo-sensitivity, (high softening point), resistance to repeated thermal and mechanical stresses (elasticity) and resistance to aging, both during application and use on highways.

For good handling of the product, avoid severe, successive and prolonged heating, above 190 ° C can be damaged by heating to high temperatures (above 190 ° C), successive or prolonged reheating.

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