The Softening Point Analysis Equipment – Ring and Ball is used to empirically evaluate the softening temperature of the asphalt binder when heated to a certain temperature, where the evolution of the flow of this product is monitored through optical sensors (laser) existing in the equipment structure. The test basically consists of depositing two samples of the same product inside two metallic rings of standardized dimensions, subsequently placing a metallic sphere of circumference and standard weight under each one of these samples at room temperature. The set is placed in a glass beaker (with water or glycerin depending on the asphalt binder) and subjected to gradual heating at a controlled rate of 5°C/minute. Upon reaching the softening temperature of the product contained within the rings, the ball and the asphalt binder move towards the bottom of the beaker and when colliding with a metal plate, it makes the equipment record the softening temperature of each sample. Currently, the classification of polymer modified asphalts is based on the softening point. In addition to analyzing the softening point, this equipment allows us to determine the estimated thermal susceptibility of a product.

Stratura Asfaltos is a pioneer in high-performance asphalt mixing technology, and has Softening Point Equipment – Ring and Ball, as an important tool used by our engineers and consultants to determine which binder characteristic to use in different types of asphalt mixes available in the STRATURA Asphalts supply catalog.

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