The Rolling Thin Film Oven Equipment – ​​RTFO (or Thin Film Rotary Oven) is an instrument used to simulate the severe aging by oxidation and evaporation of conventional and modified asphalt binders in short term. The virgin asphalt samples are placed inside a glass container which are inserted into the oven at 163°C for 85 minutes with air injection every 3 to 4 seconds continuously rotating. The thermal stability of the product is verified after aging, calculating the percentage loss in mass that the product has suffered and verifying the empirical properties (softening point and penetration, for example) and rheological properties. This stability is affected by several mechanisms, including the action of oxygen combined with heat, affecting the chemical composition of the asphalt (saturated, aromatics, resins and asphaltenes).

Stratura is a pioneer in high-performance asphalt materials technology, which has Rolling Thin Film Oven Equipment – RTFO, an important tool that enables engineers and consultants to anticipate decision-making in relation to design and construction methods, such as :

– Evaluate the best binder that presents the best performance and thermal stability against storage, transport, machining and compaction processes and service life;

– Develop asphalt mixtures with asphalt binders that have long-term durability at service temperatures.

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