The Sand Equivalent Test determines the relationship between the volume of clay or powder and the total volume of fine aggregates with particle sizes less than 4.8 mm measured by volume in a standard capsule.

The test is performed in a beaker containing a calcium chloride-glycerine-formaldehyde solution and kept at rest for 10 minutes with the sample inside, then the container is shaken for 90 cycles in approximately 30 seconds. The edges of the container are cleaned with the solution and left to rest for 20 minutes, after this period the height of the upper level of sand and the height of the upper level of the clay suspension are measured.

The objective is to check the presence of impurities in aggregate materials. Stratura Asfaltos is a pioneer in high-performance asphalt mixing technology and also in the structural and functional evaluation of pavements, and has sand equivalent testing equipment to meet the requirements of the road community.